Engineering services:

Process engineering

Together with TECNIC and TECNIC BIO, we offer support in the design and process scaling in the biotechnology sector. We can get involved from the development phases in the laboratory to the transfer of the production process in the factory. TECNIC can act as a link between the R + D + i and manufacturing departments, providing scalable solutions that allow accelerating the industrialization of processes. If you are interested,

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Product engineering

Together with TECNIC we advise on design and manufacturing engineering to offer a product with the highest levels of quality. We have a wide range of standardized equipment, being TECNIC capable of designing and building equipment tailored to each client based on configurable and personalized characteristics, offering technological improvements according to the requirements of each project. In collaboration with its subsidiary TECNIC BIO, we can offer global tailor-made solutions for the biotechnology sector for upstream and downstream processes, as well as cleaning-in-place and sterilization-in-place systems, designing the equipment according to the needs of the process and the product. If you are interested,

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