Servicios de investigación y desarrollo

We solve industry challenges through innovative projects applying biotechnology and bioprocesses. In addition, we provide services for companies that need to develop biological analysis, use specialized equipment and / or advice on the incorporation of biotechnological techniques.

The alliance with international institutions strengthens our competencies in biotechnology and bioprocesses, as well as in project management, internationalization, intellectual property and technology transfer.

  • Creation of bio-businesses through innovation projects that generate added value using basic products / waste / processes.
  • Services for companies or enterprises that require the development of biological assays, use of specialized equipment and / or advice on the incorporation of biotechnology.
  • Theoretical studies of applications and trends for business projects or bio-businesses.
  • Theoretical studies of targets from biological samples to be used in Drug Discovery.
  • Development and manufacture of specialized machinery for the development of biotechnological processes (TECNIC).

We have the support and collaboration of the Catalan Foundation, EURECAT, which has vast experience in the development of innovative products and services and technology transfer.

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Equipment rental

We have a 150 m2 laboratory for research and development. It has materials and equipment for the correct execution of a broad range of assays.

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