Research and Development

The manufacture of proteins, in all its formats, has been a constant challenge in the global biotechnology sector due to the variables of the use of living organisms in the process. Particularly in cell biology, protein-based products play an essential role for its correct execution and in many cases, they are obtained from animals for livestock use. These types of protein-based products have great disadvantages, such as high prices and generate many experimental variables. To face this situation, Platech is developing a unique industrial bioprocess technology, which allows the culture of human cells with the capacity to produce proteins on a large scale for pharmaceutical use and / or in biological R&D, which is at the end stage of development.

We are innovating in one of the most important industrial biotechnological manufacturing processes in the world, the manufacture of proteinsOur company will seek to strongly innovate in this sector and establish new parameters in synthetic biology.

The main projects in our portfolio are: