Advice and consulting in innovation management

We advise the path that a scientific-technological idea must travel to become a technology that allows generate a new product, process or a service that make a significant impact for the client. Mainly, this service is based on actively managing R&D, maintaining the state of the art, strategy improvement for different processes and implementing innovative solutions.

The alliance with international institutions strengthens our competencies in biotechnology and bioprocesses, as well as in project management, internationalization, intellectual property and technology transfer.

  • Analysis of the state of the art.
  • Market analysis.
  • Analysis of pains / needs / opportunities focused on new solutions for the industry.
  • Presentation of scientific-technological solutions and their requirements.
  • Manufacturing model for the implementation of projects and solutions: creation of work plans, technical requirements, execution strategies, budget creation, application for CORFO subsidies, CORFO subsidy management, among others.
  • Innovation Management.

We have the support and collaboration of the Catalan Foundation, EURECAT, which has vast experience in the development of innovative products and services and technology transfer.

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