Platech is a Chilean biotechnological company dedicated to create industrialize products based on ex vivo platelet protein generation technology in an innovating bioprocess directed toward synthetic biology. On the other hand, it provides assistance and services to companies that requires development of biological essays, specialized equipment and biotechnological consulting.

We are experts
cell culture

Our experimental process and R&D are based on the study and analysis of our bioprocesses with complex cells, from laboratory to industrial scale.

Our team, collaborators and networks

We have specialized in biotechnological R&D, research management, development of bio business and creation of scientifical networks to enhance the development of new processes and technologies.

Rigorous data
and strategy

We are not only known by our scientific capacity. Platech has demonstrated in multiple occasions its capacity in business management, creation of strategies and technology transfer.

We are innovating in one of the most important worldwide industrial process of biotechnological manufacture, protein manufacture.  

Cell Culture

We create a process based on human cell culture and synthetic biology.

Towards Industry Scale

Platech and their collaborators are scaling to an industrial level with their customizable services.

Platelets Proteins Production

Platech Platech will massively produce platelet protein from a human source.

Strategic Partners