Platech Technology

Platech is a platelet extract inspired by the need of finding an effective alternative to the use of animal serum in biomedical research. Furthermore, that does not generate experimental variability in cell culture results and not bearing bioethical implications of animal serum.

Platelet Technologies aims to produce a platelet extract through an innovative technology, including the best methodologies and protocols for obtaining growth factors needed for growth and development of cells.

Our product will be developed from a line of production completely featured by innovation, environmental awareness and sustainability.


Why is it friendly to the environment?

Unlike other inputs currently used for cell culture, our product is generated outside of a living organism.

What does it mean that comes from a controlled system?

Platelets are generated in bioreactors, where all culture conditions are carefully controlled to make production as efficient as possible and free of contaminants.

How does it prevent variability in the experimental lab results?

It is produced under controlled conditions, so the product components and their concentrations remain constant between different production batches, that way does not generate variation in experimental results.