Innovative Technology

The technology used for the development of our product is unique in the world, allowing the full standardization of the production process. We guarantee total control in its use.


We understand the need for implementing environment friendly technologies and specially based on renewable resources, for this reason, we do not use animals to generate our product.

Increased accuracy

Our product will increase the efficiency and accuracy of biomedicine allowing standardization of methods, protocols and lines of research among scientists worldwide.


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Platelet Technologies

We are a company dedicated to produce platelet extracts through an innovative and animal free technology, within a controlled system, this with the aim of enhancing cell culture in national and international scientific research.


Platech is animal free!
Our technology is innovative and sustainable by producing platelets at an industrial level.

Reduces variability of your experimental results

Since it is obtained from an external source instead of a living organism, and it is produced in a controlled system, with Platech you won’t face variable results while using different batches of the product.

Diverse institutions
support our project

Among the years 2014 and 2015, Platech has been part of a series of venture contests in Chile and abroad, gaining recognition as funding and support from renowned national and international institutions.

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